Our Locations

Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility

Mother Murphy's offices, main manufacturing plant, warehouse and its state of the art research and development operation are conveniently located just off Interstate 85 in the heart of Piedmont North Carolina.

In our manufacturing facility, you'll find our associates crafting liquid, powder and spray-dry flavorings, as well as our trademark vanilla for customers all over the globe.

Mother Murphy's offers quantities that range from 50,000 pounds to one gallon. In our adjacent 3,300 square foot proving grounds, certified chemists create a world of taste sensations.



Distribution Center

Less than a mile from headquarters is the nerve center of our distribution system, where wireless connectivity means that we can ship products ASAP and track them each step of the way. In a world of global sourcing, our computerized inventory system scrupulously keeps track of the origin of all raw materials that come into our production plant.

Baking Pilot Plant

In 1994, Mother Murphy's added a Baking Pilot Plant in Dallas, Texas to fine-tune and test the quality and consistency of our customer's finished bakery products. With small test runs in our high-tech lab on-site, Mother Murphy's chemists and technicians are able to ensure the quality of finished goods, which is at the center of our commitment to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.

Tobacco Lab

As a result of our growth in the tobacco industry, Mother Murphy's has built a state of the art Tobacco Lab in our Distribution Center. The new lab includes a creation laboratory, a tobacco application laboratory, and a smoking room. The new creation lab has the ability to hold two flavor chemist and one person in sample preparation. The application lab allow our tobacco team to work with tobacco blends from our customers either as cut rag or as trips, apply casings, simulate a toasting process, apply top flavors, roll cigarettes, inject cigarettes and cigars, and more. The smoking room is used for testing purposes, for panel evaluations, and most important to have an area to receive tobacco customers and smoke their products.

MM Flavor Institute

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