At Mother Murphy's food safety is more than a goal—it's a mindset—and one of the most important facets of a corporate culture that embraces quality assurance in every aspect of our operation. Yes, we conduct weekly validation audits at Mother Murphy's to ensure sanitation, allergen and statutory compliance. But in an economy where global sourcing is a daily reality and in a world in which consumers can wake up to headlines about product recalls, Mother Murphy's understands that food safety must be part of each and every one of its employees' every-day, every-hour operational procedures.

With an HACCP program that incorporates the latest in manufacturing software, with DVR close-circuit monitoring and with a continuous and aggressive training program Mother Murphy's food safety is part of a greater goal. We continuously enhance services to customers through shorter lead times, on-site inventory management, faster product turnarounds and just-in-time delivery. With real-time vicinity tracking and wireless barcode software that allows for total recall of our largest items in less than five minutes. It's easy to understand why Mother Murphy's is an industry leader in regulatory compliance.

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