Bonne Saveur-French Flavors Add Next Level

June 14, 2023

Close your eyes and think of the best dining experience you can imagine. Where are you? For most food enthusiasts around the world, that happy spot of gastronomical wonder would be sitting at a French cafe patio table with fresh hot espresso and an assortment of pastry delights. Yes, for many, if not most foodies, France is the mecca of the food world.

Movies, TV, and cooking media have long focused on the wonders of french cuisine. From the happy days of Julia Child introducing French food to the American audience to the food network and countless romantic comedies set in the wonderful city of Paris, French cuisine has become the pinnacle of flavor.

The flavor market has long relied on French tastes and they have become a staple in the kitchen and the pantry. Herbs de Provence as a seasoning and flavor profile has been supremely popular over the years in savory cooking. French foods have become not only “special occasion” fare, but are now daily staples. Croissants, parfaits, and other baked treats have found their way into the average American diet, as well as most countries throughout the world.

Food Writer, John Wright, wrote of the quintessential sweet French flavors in his article for Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine in 2010.  In his estimation and experiences with French flavors there are several that can enhance any baked good and add that true flavor of France.

The top 5 French flavors that can wow your market are:

  1. Strawberry
  2. French Vanilla
  3. Lemon
  4. Raspberry
  5. Orange

Many of these flavors appear to be familiar ingredients already, but in French hands they become something even more elegant.

For example, Strawberry, one of the world's most popular flavors, takes on a different feel and taste in French baking. 

In France, the strawberry flavor is lighter and more natural than the usual American flavoring. They prefer a flavor that is more in line with a fresh strawberry and it makes a real difference in taste.

In fact, with all the fruity flavors, more authentic, natural taste are important and separate the treats from ordinary to next level. In addition, mixing any of those top five flavors together, as a duo or even trio of flavorings will wow taste buds and create raving fans.

It would be irresponsible not to add an honorable mention to French Chocolate flavors, whole movies have been set and named after Chocolate and it’s popularity is still soaring today. Raspberry and Orange are particularly good combinations with French chocolate, which is a darker, deeper, more authentic flavor than many other chocolate preparations. While lighter flavors are having a moment lately, chocolate will always be a crowd pleaser. 

If you want to win over foodies looking for the height of taste experience, look no further than these French offerings that will take average desserts to new heights. Especially perfect for Spring and Summer, but and even Fall with the help of Chocolate, these flavors will transport you to those tree lined avenues and perfect patios of a Parisian evening.