Bright and Bold Summer Sensations: Fun flavor combinations for 2023

June 13, 2023

As the streets heat up and the beaches fill with happy families, we know summer is upon us. Summer holds a special place in the American heart and summer flavors seem to leave kids and adults alike smiling with childlike wonder. Whether it be new ice cream flavors, sodas, candy, or other seasonal treats, many wait all year round for the summer flavor season.

This year we see a continuation of the past few years with a few new twists. In fact, mixing and twisting sensations is one of summer’s special treats. Like the vibrant foliage and clear blue skies, big, bright, and bold flavors help make vacation memories that will last for a lifetime.

"Fruit flavors are always a winner recalling fresh produce and light, bright tastes. Green apple, Lychee, Blueberry, and fruit punch are expected to be huge hits. Combinations of these flavors, especially in ice cream will be big on any seasonal menu."

Even in the mixed drinks and alcoholic beverage market, fruit flavors will add that zing and refreshment that pair perfectly poolside. International flavors are also expected to be quite popular, allowing consumers to travel around the world one bite at a time. Green tea/Matcha flavors from Japan will continue bringing Tokyo to tongues all across the world. Other Asian flavors will be very popular across the market spectrum, especially anything combining fruit and spice. Likewise, Latin American tastes are big summertime hits, Elote (Mexican street corn) has been a big favorite by itself or as a flavoring in almonds or chips and the like.

Which leads to a huge opportunity for summer flavors, namely combining sweet and heat. When the temperatures rise outside, there is nothing more exciting and refreshing than teasing the taste buds with spicy fruit flavors. Mango Habanero and Peach habanero combinations are proving very popular with tasters young and old. While watermelon and chili spice is another flavor combo that has worked its way up from Latin America and is rapidly becoming a summertime staple.

Lastly, bold classics provide that escapism and nostalgia that help families relive relaxed vacation afternoons. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry will always be big winners. Cola flavors are also great classics that can be enjoyed in many forms. Classic boardwalk faire is always a smart choice, cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn, and candy remain popular for kids and kids at heart.

Expect bold flavors, worldly flair, the unexpected, and of course childhood favorites to be real crowd pleasers this year. Summertime is a time for comfort and excitement, a time to reconnect with simpler times, and a time to indulge in flavors that take us on an adventure of a lifetime.