October 5, 2023

A new season is almost upon us, and with the falling leaves and shorter days come fall flavors, new and old!

Some flavors are old favorites that return each year to herald the season, and others are bold and adventurous, bringing their tricks and treats to new tongues this year. For American consumers, fall brings its own trends and traditions, and 2023 is no exception. Flavor companies need to take notice or risk missing America's favorite season! Let’s take a look at fall flavors that are sure to please this year!

Oldies but goodies 

The returning flavors of the season are always sure to please, bringing back the flavors of Halloween, fall fairs, and Thanksgiving. These tastes come as no surprise, and are expected to continue growing by leaps and bounds this year.

Pumpkin Beer fall flavors


The king of fall flavors will be everywhere, from sweet to savory and from chips to beers. Pumpkin is expected to continue its climb (CARG of 8-40% depending on product) and find its way into all markets this fall.
Caramel Apple Fall Flavors


Whether candied, caramel, or original, apple flavors scream fall and the harvest season. With growth numbers in the double digits (around 10-13%), it is perfect for cookies, cakes, and ready to drink beverages. Apple flavors are making their way into savory combinations as well.
Pecan Pie Fall Flavors


Pecan pies and other seasoned treats are always an autumn favorite. This year especially, outside of the traditional pies, pecan flavors are being found in savory dishes and added to ready to drink beverages as well. There’s plenty of room for growth in this largely untapped market already showing a 7-9% CARG.
Maple Fall Flavors


As a fall flavor, maple can be combined with many other ingredients and flavors resulting in the perfect fall taste. Maple is poised to make big gains, especially in the beverage and savory markets, with some analysts projecting growth rates between 7-20% depending on the application. Plus, it has the potential to transfer into the winter season as well.

Fall 2.0 The next generation

In addition to the common flavors of fall, this year there are many exciting new tastes to incorporate and experiment with. One of the overarching themes of the 2023 food scene is the desire to explore culinary tastes from around the world and add a little taste adventure to our lives. Let’s explore the new novelties and adventurous fall flavors that are sure to please this fall.
Ube Fall Flavors


Think of it as the Pacific answer to the sweet potato, also a common fall flavor. Ube is a vibrant purple yam with light sweetness and is poised to dazzle not only the eye but the taste buds. Expect to see it showing up in all kinds of baked goods and ice cream, as the current growth rate is sitting around 43-50% YOY.
Yuzu Fall Flavors


Another treat from the pacific rim, this Japanese citrus fruit is already making headway in the US market (43% growth over the last 5 years!) and will only continue to grow this fall. Yuzu has a flavor between a tangy lemon, bitter grapefruit, and a sweet orange. Major food chains will be incorporating it into their menus throughout the rest of the year and into 2024.
London Fog Fall Flavors

London Fog

This flavor from across the pond is really just a different take on the bergamot infused Earl Grey teas of England. London Fog is the name of an Earl Grey tea latte, so it incorporates the traditional flavors with smooth, rich dairy. This taste is finding homes in different RTD products, as well as desserts and other sweet treats with a CARG of between 6-8%.
Spicy Fall Flavors

Spicy Combinations

Spice is nice this year, and the trend of combining spicy with all things is big: Spicy with sweet, spicy with savory, even spicy with spicy. That delightful heat can be paired with the traditional fall tastes or in areas unexpected, either way the US market is heating up for spice. Look for growth anywhere between 7-15% depending on the product, with sauces showing lower growth and combinations showing larger gains.
Mexican and Asian Fall Flavors

Traditional Mexican and Asian Flavors

As we see from the rest of the list, much of the innovation is coming from the Asian and Mexican areas of the menu. Expect both categories to continue to rise in the market with Mexican foods growing around 5-7% and Asian foods coming in at around 7-9% growth. Any traditional flavor, from the fruits, chilis, and treats will be very popular among American foodies this fall.
Fall, maybe more than any other season, has its traditional flavors that are a must-have for American mouths. But don’t pass on the new and bold flavors that are finding their way into American hearts. Flavors companies have more options than ever for exciting taste combinations. Between nostalgia and adventure, the fall market is ripe for harvesting these flavors and creating new classics that will be craved all year round!