“Natural Flavoring taking the world by storm!”

June 14, 2023

It’s undeniable that over the last few decades, consumers are seeking out healthier and more natural products. Gone are the days of the Jetson-like wonder at groundbreaking chemical ingredients that bring to life flavors never before imagined. Instead, many consumers across the globe have started to worry about lab created products and instead are turning towards naturally derived flavors and ingredients.

In 2021, Natural flavors made up 41% of the market share globally according to Precedence Research. This is only expected to grow over the next few years, becoming closer and closer to half of all products and possibly overtaking synthetic flavoring by 2030. No brand can afford to ignore this trend and if they want to ride the growth wave, it is best to hop on early.

Thanks to the success of companies like Whole Foods, organic and natural products have become the buzzword for “healthy”. A distrust over synthetic chemicals developed around the same time which led many to begin questioning their long term effects on health. Thus, the organic and natural food trend was born. Now a rising population of Americans and especially Europeans are seeking out the natural foods and flavors that tickle their fancy. The perception that all “natural” flavors are safer and healthier have led to their continued rise in popularity.

"The Health food market alone in the USA has only increased and healthy, natural products can be found in every grocery store and gas station food mart. From fruit parfaits to cookies to ice cream, consumers are looking for those natural ingredients."

Not only is there an appetite for natural products due to health and safety, many are seeking a return to simpler times and past comfort. Natural products remind many of Grandma’s house and home cooking filled with love. Those natural foods and flavors provide a warm return to memories of childhood and loving families. In today’s busy, hectic world, many parents want to give their children the same experience and natural products and flavors are the ones they trust to deliver.

While in the past, natural flavors and organics were the realm of the “hippie”, they can no longer be ignored. Every parent and Gen Z’er are looking for those natural flavors to ensure health and safety. They want the best and perceive that natural foods and flavors are the way to protect their well being, while enjoying the best tasting treats on the market. As they grow and develop into larger market share, no company can afford to ignore the natural appeal of all natural flavors. Whether it be due to wellbeing or a sense of nostalgic fondness, all natural is here to stay and should definitely be an increasing part of your flavor portfolio.