Smooth Moves: The Smoothie and RTD Trends Shaking Up 2024

April 15, 2024

Step into the dynamic world of beverages where trends are born and flavors reign supreme. And in 2024, the anticipation is electrifying!

RTD alcoholic beverages and luscious smoothies are at the forefront of innovation, tantalizing taste buds and redefining convenience. With the beverage industry commanding a colossal $146 billion valuation in the United States, these ready-to-sip delights are poised for a spectacular evolution, promising nothing short of excellence in every sip. Get ready to indulge in a symphony of flavors as we unravel the thrilling drink trends of 2024!

RTD Smoothies

Emerging Flavor Trends in Smoothies and RTD Beverages

The vibrant world of smoothie and RTD beverage trends for 2024 is seeing a delightful mix of innovation and nostalgia. Let's unpack the flavors and trends that are making waves:

RTD Cocktails

Spirit-based RTDs and Canned Cocktails

Vodka-based drinks are stealing the spotlight, holding a commanding 45% of the category volume share. The thirst for higher-octane RTDs is unmistakable, with a growing preference for products boasting higher ABV and unique flavor profiles.

RTD Drinks

Flavor Innovations

Floral and Citrus
Expect to see a surge in floral notes like honeysuckle and citrus twists such as yuzu, adding a refreshing zest to our beverages.
Tropical and Spicy
Pineapple and passion fruit are dominating energy drinks, while bold adventurers will be thrilled by spicy concoctions like chocolate sriracha and chili pineapple.
Nostalgic and Seasonal
Flavors like root beer and seasonal stone fruits like peach and nectarine remind us of simpler times while delivering complex, sweet-tart profiles.


Trends to Watch

Sustainability is a key focus, with brands innovating in eco-friendly packaging and natural sweeteners. E-commerce and direct delivery are reshaping how we access these trendy beverages, making it easier than ever to enjoy the latest in drink innovation.

Whether you're a fan of bold, spicy notes or lean towards the comforting taste of nostalgia, there's something for everyone in this ever-evolving beverage landscape.

Market Growth and Consumer Preferences

Let's unravel some compelling numbers and shifts in market growth and consumer preferences that are painting 2024 with an innovative brush:

RTD Market Smoothie Market

Market Dynamics

The RTD market has been on a steady climb with a growth of 1.3% in 2022, reaching a grand total of $4.8 billion. Hold onto your blender bottles because the smoothie market is right on its tail. By 2028, it's anticipated to hit an incredible $25.08 billion, boasting an impressive 8.0% CAGR. This growth is fueled by our collective love for health and wellness, on-the-go nutrition, and, of course, the endless variety of flavor combos.

Premium RTDs

Consumer Shifts and Preference

In a delightful twist, premium-plus RTDs are seeing double-digit volume growth across most markets, despite the pesky cost-of-living crisis. And what's driving the buzz? Spirit-based RTDs and canned cocktails, holding a stout 45% of the category volume share in 2021. But, there's a plot twist – hard seltzers are expected to see an 11% decrease from 2022 to 2027, as consumers lean towards spirits-based products over malt-based, seltzer-like RTDs.

RTD Cocktails and Long Drinks

Innovations and Trends

The cocktail and long drinks are leading the charge in the RTD world! By 2026, canned cocktails and long drinks are expected to rule a whopping 26% of the RTD category. Looks like the big players are raising the bar by focusing on top-notch quality and fresh ideas, leaving the old-school options in the dust. Cheers to that!

Innovative Ingredients Making a Mark

In the bustling world of smoothies and RTD beverages, the spotlight shines brightly on innovative ingredients that are setting the stage for drink trends in 2024. Let's dive into the components making a splash:

Energy Without the Jitters

L-theanine, Ginkgo biloba, Rhodiola, and maca are emerging as heroes for those seeking an energy boost minus the jitters. These adaptogens not only provide a smoother energy curve but also bring additional health benefits, making them a hit in the market.

Plant-Powered Protein

The narrative around protein is evolving, with a shift towards plant-based sources like hemp, algae, and even insects. These ingredients cater to the growing demand for sustainable and diverse protein sources, supporting sustained energy and satiety.

Hydration Heroes

Watermelon and coconut are becoming popular for their refreshing qualities and hydration benefits. Innovative products packed with fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, are revolutionizing the industry by offering convenient, nutrient-dense options.

In the smoothie realm, the pursuit of fresh flavors merges seamlessly with the discerning tastes of eco-conscious, quality-craving enthusiasts, driving the blend of innovation and sustainability for a tastier, brighter tomorrow!

RTD Smoothies

Embracing 2024 Drink Trends with Spirit, Flavor, and Sustainability

As we teeter on the edge of 2024, the world of ready-to-drink spirits, flavor escapades, and sustainability commitments is painting a vibrant picture of a market that's not only broadening but also digging its roots deeper into the soil of quality, well-being, and ease.

Sipping on Success

The trajectory of the smoothie and ready-to-drink market is riding high on the wave of demand for tantalizing flavors and top-notch ingredients, signaling a sweeping shift toward individualized and health-savvy consumption habits.

Cheers to Innovation

Amidst these thrilling trends, the opportunity to get creative and trailblaze within this realm has never been more enticing. For those eager to plunge into the realm of crafting bespoke beverages, the Mother Murphy's Flavor Builder stands as an unparalleled launchpad to explore and bring your unique flavors to life. Let's keep sculpting the flavors of tomorrow!